Frequently Asked Questions


1.What is an FFL dealer?

An FFL dealer is a business or individual with a Federal Firearms License. These licensees are usually gun shops, gunsmiths, and manufacturers, but can also be individuals. FFL dealers have been approved by the ATF to do background checks and take all the other necessary steps to transfer guns to individuals legally. Any firearm being shipped to an individual must be shipped to a local FFL dealer so that its transfer can be processed in accordance with all local, state, and federal regulations.

2.What is a Transfer Fee?

Because conducting firearm transfers involves work on the dealer's part, including filling out paperwork and doing a background check, FFL dealers typically charge a small fee to conduct firearm transfers. In most parts of the country the transfer fee is around $25 dollars, but the amount of the fee is set by the dealer and is not standardized. You may want to contact a dealer in advance to find out their transfer fee. Some states, like California, have additional fees or requirements that the end recipient will need to be aware of. They should check with their receiving dealer for additional requirements.

3.Why is my dealer not on your list?

For each of the dealers on our list, we have a valid copy of their license on file; if your dealer is not listed, we will need a signed copy of their FFL to add it to your shipping label. This may be emailed to us at: [email protected]

4.How fast will my long gun ship?

This depends on how far you want it to go! You can get an approximate estimation for delivery by using the following Ups tool: Ground Time-In-Transit Map. Simply enter your ZIP code, click submit, and Ups will create a map that displays the time frames for shipping to different parts of the United States from your area.

5. How fast will my handgun ship?

All handguns will ship via 2nd Day Air, regardless of how far they are shipping.

6.What happens if my firearm gets lost in transit?

Accidents and lost items are extremely rare, but they do occasionally happen. We—both ShipMyGun.com and our shipping providers—go to great lengths to handle all issues that might arise with a lost, stolen, or damaged package. We offer optional shipping insurance on all firearm shipments which can cover the full cost of your shipment. Unfortunately, if the optional shipping insurance is not selected, Ups’ liability for lost, damaged, or stolen packages is limited to $100.00 dollars on shipments with no declared value.

7. Why can’t I select a box for my long gun shipment?

We can send a prepaid shipping label for your long gun, but are unfortunately unable to provide an empty box for long gun shipments. This is due to the larger variance of size and weight of long guns.

8.Are there any restrictions on what I can and cannot ship?

Simply put, yes. You can find our restrictions on our State Restrictions Page. Please note: it is your responsibility to ensure that the firearm you’re shipping is legal to own at its destination. If it is not, the dealer who receives the firearm will not transfer it to its intended recipient, and you will incur additional shipping costs to have the firearm returned to you.

9. Can I ship ammo with my gun?

NO, it is against the law to include ammo with your firearm shipment. Loose ammo or boxed ammo cannot be included. Also, inspect (clear) your firearm to ensure it is NOT LOADED prior to packaging.

10. Should I include anything else with my package?

Yes, you MUST include a copy of your driver's license. Dealers will not accept a private party transfer without it. Failing to include your drivers license could delay the recipient from being able to accept their transfer or result in the firearm being returned to you at an additional cost.

11. What locations can I ship my firearm from?

Firearms, including handguns, may ONLY BE SHIPPED through a Ups Customer Center (counters at Ups operational facilities). You can find the Customer Center location closest to you using the Ups Drop-Off Find Locations tool.When utilizing this tool, please make sure you are only leaving the Ups Customer Center box checked. Firearms are not accepted for shipment via Ups Drop Boxes, Ups On-Call Pickup®, or at locations of The Ups Store® or any third party retailer.

12. Can I ship my firearm anywhere in the United States?

Our service is available for the lower 48 states. Unfortunately, we cannot provide prepaid labels for Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, or the U.S. Virgin Islands at this time.


1. I am the FFL holder receiving the firearm, who do I log it into my A&D books from?

These are private party shipments and should be logged into your A&D books from the individual who purchased the label from SMG, they are the shipper and are instructed to include a copy of their driver's license for your records.

2. Why shouldn't I log a shipment in from Shipmygun.com?

Shipmygun.com is NOT the shipper and is never in possession of the shipper's firearm. We simply provide the shipping label.

3. Who should I contact if a driver's license isn't included?

Please contact the shipper. Their name, address and phone number are on the return address label.

4. Who should I contact if the contents of the package is damaged?

Please contact Shipmygun.com as many shippers will purchase shipping insurance along with their label.

5. As an FFL dealer, can I use Shipmygun.com to purchase labels for guns I sold on an auction web site that I need to ship to one of my customers?

Yes, most definitely. Many dealers and gunsmiths already use our label service to do this. Please follow the same process as a private party shipper. It's as simple as clicking on the "Start Label" at the top of the web site and you will be directed step by step on how to process your label/s. Please include a copy of your FFL with your shipment in lieu of the private party's driver's license.